Dar AL-Sabah was founded in 2015. Since our launch, we have become well-known for exceptional standards and unsurpassed quality of service. We pride ourselves for embracing and upholding fundamentally important values in our society such as integrity, honesty, respect, tolerance, cordiality and diligence. Our forward-thinking, innovative and flexible work attitude is designed to offer professional, efficient and reliable service on a more friendly and personal level.At Dar Al-Sabah, we are constantly renovating and redesigning our business approach, because we have a strong desire to improve and advance the way real-estate industry operates in Kuwait. We have the key benefit of having a unique insight into Kuwait’s property market, due to the sheer volume of properties available for sale and rent and the amount of information we provide on these properties.

Dar Al-Sabah prides itself for having professional agents with years of expertise, which has granted them intimate and unparalleled knowledge of the real-estate industry across Kuwait. We aspire to deliver our customers the best, most comprehensive and user-friendly website in the business. Through our state of the art online portal we strive to immensely improve and speed up the sale and rental process in Kuwait, and to enable all owners, landlords, tenants and our agents to set up their properties and tenancies online in real time by themselves, as soon as they arise.   

Why us ?

 We offer a great diversity in our real-estate offers and employ the latest and most modern marketing technologies and approaches.
Our agents engage in the most thorough customer services and follow-up procedures. Once you decide to use Dar Al-Sabah, you will be in the most capable hands from the commencement of the sale through to its completion, all the way until the final hand-over of your property. 

Our departments

1.Commercial Department

This is a highly specialized section that deals with commercial property evaluation, purchasing, marketing, and investment. It incorporates all types of commercial real-estate, namely plots, new buildings, abandoned buildings and malls.

2.Residential Department

This particular division focuses on buying, selling, and marketing residential real estate. It deals with brand new residences, older residences, and abandoned residences of all kinds (mansions, villas, houses, apartments and floors).

3.Rental Department

Last but not least, this important department handles all the rental requests of both residential and commercial nature. Therefore, it encompasses real estate such as mansions, villas, houses, apartments, floors, as well as buildings, shops, and offices.